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    Reekbox V1.2 Main Board Rear View

    Reekbox V1.2 features reverse connected battery protection, AC Auto-balance temperature control mode and many other advanced technical functions.
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    Reekbox V1.2 Main Board Boot Screen

    Reekbox V1.2 equips with OLED screen, and user can update the system by connect the PC with micro USB cable plug in.
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    Reekbox V1.2 Main Board Front View

    Reekbox V1.2 features the unique dry burning-resistant protection, various power regulation and temperature control modes which can be chosen.

about us

Sundeu Technology committed to the development and manufacture of electronic cigarette products which owns the top R&D team with high crafting level.

REEKBOX V1.2 is a high-end electronic cigarette main board established by Sundeu, and it focus on stability of high power output through technology innovations, but also features many other advance leading technologies.

In the future development, Sundeu technological will promote sustainable development in the electronic cigarette industry through technology innovations as the only way that will be creating more values to benefit the whole industry and our customers.


user manual

This download file support to change the boot LOGO, namely, you can customize boot LOGO by yourself.


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